How not to pile on the pounds on holiday!

So it’s about that time of the year in the UK when we’re going on holiday or taking a break somewhere nice usually sunny and near the beach. It’s a great time of the year when you can relax, forget the job and just enjoy the weather, nature and FOOD! Yes I hear it all the time from people about how they couldn’t resist the deserts in Italy or the beers on the beach and how they put on 4kg during their holiday. Then there’s the buffets where people go mad trying to get their moneys worth. So here I put together a few tips on how not to pile on the pounds during your holiday. beach run

1. STAY ACTIVE. Whether you do a bit of swimming in the pool each day, take a stroll on la playa, check out some sights or hit the hotel gym this is the most simple way of not putting on weight on vacation. It will also make you feel great too so this is a win win situation really and you can’t really make excuses as you can do some kind of training anywhere.

2. ALCOHOL IN MODERATION! This is one where I think a lot of folks struggle. I would say enjoy a drink or two during your evening meal but don’t go crazy. Drink 5 pints in a day and you’ve nailed about 1000 calories. Do this 5 times during your hols and it won’t be lols when it comes to weighing yourself at home! Also it’s worth mentioning stay away from sugary soft drinks as they’re loaded with calories and fruit juices are high in sugar too so I wouldn’t bother with them either. Get most of your fluids from water, teas, herbal drinks and coffee. I love sparkling water with squeezed lime in it!drink hols

3. LOWER STARCHY CARBOHYDRATE. This is a personal preference but I like this method as I find I can enjoy my food, eat quite a lot, not count calories, be healthy, feel good, but not gain much if any weight. What does lower starchy carbohydrates mean? It means you base your meal around a protein (lean meat, fish, eggs) and LOTS of vegetables and fruits and you can even squeeze in some wine or whatever you fancy. Most summer holidays are near the beach and so the buffets at these places usually have loads of nice fresh fish, meats, salads, fresh veg and fruits. It tastes great! Here’s a rough example of the kind of stuff I ate last time I was in the Canary Islands. If I did a workout that I day I would have some desert in the evening too and most nights I would have some wine or cava! fish salad

Breakfast – coffee, green tea, 4 eggs, bacon, cooked tomatoes, onion and grapefruit.

Lunch – Chicken breasts, fish, avocado, fresh salad, green beans, beetroot etc.

Snack – Protein shake or some fruit and nuts.

Dinner – Talapia fish, steak, salad, mojo rojo, sprouts and other veg, potatoes. A glass of red wine or two.

Obviously these amounts are too much for a smaller person (I weigh 220 lbs) but I used myself as an example.

It’s really simple but this is how I like to do things as it works, these foods are harder to overeat, it’s good for your health, mostly non processed, you feel great, you can enjoy your food and you’re not worrying about counting calories which you can do when you get home if you do that. Enjoy your holidays. Strength and salud!





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