5 reasons to check out the Chia seeds!

I found out about Chia seeds about 2 years ago and I’ve kept them in my diet ever since. They are native to Central America and supposedly the Aztecs used to eat them quite regularly. Recently they’ve become quite trendy but I think they’re a great addition to your diet if they fit into your budget and especially if you’re a vegan or vegetarian as they tend not to get much omega 3 in their diet. They’re normally either black or white and for about ¬£3.75 you can get a bag of 500g which will last a few weeks. So why do I rate them so highly?chia

1. High in fibre. 28g of these babies gives you 11g of fibre which is roughly a third of most peoples RDA. Fibre can aid weight loss, help prevent type 2 diabetes and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

2. Omega 3. These score as one of the highest in Omega 3 of any plant source at almost 5g per oz.

3. They’re filling due to the fibre in them and the fact they swell up when added to water.

4. Decent amounts of manganese, phosphorous and calcium which is good news for your bones and teeth!

5. They don’t taste of much. This might sound strange but it is good as you can add them to almost anything. You can add them to yoghurt, shakes, porridge, salads and even meat balls! Also kids can’t really complain so they’re good to use in kids meals too.

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