My 5 favourite fruits and why

I thought I would put a little list of my favourite fruits although I have to say this would depend also where I am living. When my parents lived in Tanzania we were lucky enough to have papaya trees, bananas, avocados and passion fruits in the garden. Papayas fresh from the tree with lime squeezed on them is pretty damn hard to beat but I live in London city now so this list is mainly based on that. Also I choose different things depending on the season as things in season taste WAY better in my opinion. O.k let’s start.

1. Avocado - What can I say? Avocados are versatile, taste amazing, full of fibre and are very nutritionally dense. They originate from Mexico and the name comes from the Nahuatl indigenous language and it’s also where we get the name Tomato from (I did Hispanic studies at University!). The other thing I like about them is they can literally transform a boring salad into a really tasty one! They go especially well with tomato, onions and white meats. In the UK we generally use them as a savoury however in Brasil they use them more as a sweet mixed in smoothies etc. So like I said they’re very versatile. If you’re trying to lose weight just be a bit cautious as they do contain quite a lot of calories but they are hard to ‘over eat’ as they are quite rich.

  • Per 100g
  • 7g of fibre
  • 160 kcals
  • 15g of fat
  • 9g of carbs
  • 2g of protein



2. Kiwi fruit - Kiwis are great for you and taste great too. They’re a native of China and cultivation of them spread to New Zealand in the 20th Century and from there the name ‘Kiwi’ came about. They contain actinidain which is a protein dissolving enzyme so yes they can help you digest proteins! They’re rich in vitamin C, E, K and have about 3g of fibre and 61 kcals per 100g. They mix well in smoothies ( I leave the skin on) or you can eat them like an apple as long as you wash them. They’re fairly cheap too (£1 for 4 organic ones at Sainsbury’s). kiwi







3. Cherries –  cherriesI love Cherries and especially this time of the year they’re in season in the UK. I do eat them a bit in the winter usually in shakes and I only buy them frozen as they’re cheaper. They go really well with chocolate protein powder! Compared to other fruits they’re low in sugar and they’re fairly low in calories at 50 kcal per 100g. They have the highest level of anthocyanin of any fruit which may help prevent gout and other diseases. They’re also rich in melatonin which helps regulate sleep patterns so they may help you with your sleep.




4. Apples – I think apples are great because they’re tasty, convenient, good source of fibre, fairly cheap and compared to other fruit they’re taste is more reliable. I find some fruits especially in the UK are ‘hit or miss’ in terms of taste but apples most of the time like Bananas are tasty. A medium sized apple has about 3g of fibre and 73 calories. They also contain flavonoids which may help prevent type 2 diabetes and they are supposedly good for your teeth!



5. Blueberries -  blueberriesYou probably guessed this one would appear on the list. My only issue with Blueberries is that they’re quite pricey and there not very tasty in the winter so I would suggest maybe buying frozen berries in the winter and using them in shakes. They contain a lot of anti oxidants and they go with lots of things. They may help lower the risk of diseases like Parkinson’s. I recommend people try to eat a rainbow of different fruit and veg as you’ll get different benefits from each colour and blueberries are one of the few ‘purple’ fruits.

Remember fruits are not a ‘free food’ so you shouldn’t eat as much as you like but they’re full of goodness and a good addition to your daily diet.

Strength and salud!






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