Stop wasting your money on crap peanut butter!


Just a quick post today but it’s about something very close to my heart. Peanut butter! It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t like PB unless you’re unfortunate enough to be allergic to them as quite a few people are. So if that’s you sorry but this article isn’t for you. Peanut butter is a good sources of fat and it’s especially good if you’re trying to gain weight due to the fact it’s calorie dense. It’s high in Vitamin E, Niacin, B-3, magnesium and copper. My issue is a lot of PB on the shelves doesn’t look or taste like peanuts and it’s usually added with sugar, salt and other crap like trans fats. I buy 1kg (yes 1kg) tubs of peanut butter usually from Meridian for ¬£5.50 so it’s actually cheaper than the other standard brands and it tastes like REAL peanuts and looks like them too. I also find it much more satisfying whereas lower quality brands make me want to eat the whole pot (which is their aim!!). BTW I am not sponsored by Meridian it’s just the brand I’ve found to be best quality and value for money. The other cool thing about them is unlike other PB companies they don’t use palm oil which is cultivated in countries like Indonesia and the rainforests have to be cut down to grow this which is bad news for endangered animals like Cinta to your right (pobrecita!).¬†Cinta

O.k moving on lets compare 100g of Meridian with 100g of Sunpat just an example.


580 kcals. 12g carbs. 29g protein. 46g fat.


608 kcals. 15g carbs. 48g fats. 25g protein. 5g of sugar and 500 mg of sodium.

If you look at the macronutrient (protein, fats and carbs) levels it scores better and it’s even lower in calories so in my opinion it’s a win win situation. I haven’t got the facts to back this but I would also guess that it’s higher in nutrients too as the skin has nutrients in it too which lower quality PB don’t contain. Don’t buy lower fat versions of PB as they usually put extra sugar in it so the calories will be similar and it’s more processed etc.

O.k to sum it up then. The reasons I would suggest buying a good quality peanut butter.

1. Lower in calories

2. Better macronutrient levels

3. Tastes better

4. Cheaper

5. No added crap

6. More satisfying

7. Better for the environment 

So I’m sure you can see the advantages of buying better quality of peanut butter. It’s a no brainer in my opinion!

Strength and salud



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