Why you shouldn’t worry about getting ‘big’

Getting this big isn’t easy!

I have a confession to make. I once said the those stupid six words that you hear in the gym all the time and especially from women. When I first started lifting weights I remember I said ‘ I don’t wanna get too big’ (BPak wouldn’t be happy!). The truth is getting ‘huge’ for most people is bloody hard and if you’re a woman you should not be worried at all!

Why do I say that? Well women have roughly 10 times less testosterone than men and this is one of the key hormones needed to build size. The reason why women pro bodybuilders often look like men and have manly jawlines etc is because they’re on drugs. I get almost all of my female clients to lift some kind of weight. To ‘shape’ a muscle or which ever word you like to use requires frequent stimulus and your body needs a reason to build up muscle as your body doesn’t really like holding on to it. Your body is very clever you see and it always ‘adapts’ to the situations you put it in. So if you start doing ‘hip thrusts’ for example twice a week and you gradually keep increasing the load your body is going to say to itself ‘ O.k this (hip thrusts) keeps on happening every week so I will need to build this muscle (primarily the buttocks) in order than I can handle this constant stress. A good example would be a mechanic who are known for having big forearms and this is because 5 days a week they are tightening and screwing and using their forearms. Their bodies have ‘adapted‘ ‘ so to speak. I’ve had a few female clients who have said their weight has only dropped a bit but they look much better or toned. Why? Because they have built a bit of muscle!

Men need not worry too much either. Do you realise how much you have to eat to get ‘big’ and the bigger you get the more you have to eat. It doesn’t just happen over night too. It takes years of training to get massive and something else called ‘drugs’. I don’t want to steal their glory as I have big respect for them and their dedication but all the top bodybuilders take steroids and other kinds of drugs to enhance their phisique. Also a lot of ‘natural’ bodybuilders aren’t so natural and they dodge the tests just like Mr Armstrong did in Cycling.

So to sum it up then. Decide what your goal is and if it is looking ‘toned’ or ‘henched’ then you really need to do some resistance training and if you do start getting ‘too big’  then just make sure to eat at a maitenance level (calories in=calories out and macros the same) and you will just stay the same as you wish.

Hope y’all enjoyed that!

Strength and salud





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