80% rule


Whether it’s training or eating the 80% rule works well. We all have bad training/eating days and set backs so to speak. This probably happens 10% of time? That’s just life! You might be tired, stressed, the kids are ill or you have an niggle etc which can all affect training and eating.

On the other side of the coin you can have wicked training session and hit personal bests and generally feel invincible! This happens probably 10% of the time and this is when it’s most important for your body to really rest and recover properly!

CONSISTENCY  is key when it comes to a diet and training. Everyone is always quick to jump on social media to brag about how ‘sick’ their training session was and how they nailed their PB blah blah blah. Nothing wrong with that and I understand people get excited about a PB’s but to be honest it’s what you do 80% of time that really matters. Do the math! rock

It’s rare that you’ll hear the following ” How was your workout?” “Bro I hit all the right weights I wanted to hit and got done all that I needed to”  It’s just human nature but to be honest it’s these workouts that are the most important! Too many guys try to smash the hell out of themselves every session and it does catch up with them and they either get injured or plateau.

Eating is almost the same. The guy who hits his macronutrient amounts and calories 90% of the time will destroy the guy who does 50% of the time. It’s obvious! This is why EXTREME diets and training don’t work. Most people only keep it up for a few weeks and then they flip back to old ways or binge on junk.

So to sum it up. FOCUS  on what you do 80% – 90% of the time! Don’t go for the quick fix and the extreme route. You will get results in the beginning but not long term. If you do have a great workout and smash PB’s etc, realise that your body will need a little rest. You have stressed your body and it needs to compensate!

Strength and salud!


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