How I learnt the hard way that crunches are crap for fat loss

I remember being at school and I was about 18. I was captain of the the basketball team but I was admittedly carrying a few extra kilos. Imagine the white version of Charles Barkley! My diet like a lot of kids my age was full of sugar and not enough protein etcetera.

charles b

Charles was a great player but had problems with his weight.

Back when I didn’t know ANYTHING about nutrition and didn’t even know how to get slimmer the right way. I was in the changing rooms getting changed and the PE teacher saw me without my shirt on and said I needed to ‘lose a few pounds’. OUCH! That was bad but his advice was even worse!

He suggested that I started doing crunches everyday which seemed like a good thing to do as that’s what most of us have been told was the right thing to do. So me feeling pretty crappy I started each night before bed doing 50 then working up to 100 crunches a night. What happened? NADA compadre! NOTHING! My abs still looked the same crappy self and I felt like maybe this is how I would be as I grew up.

You see the reason it didn’t work is mainly because losing fat on the whole is about being in caloric deficit. The rectus abdominis (abs) are a relatively small amount of muscles compared to say the glutes (butt) or the quads (thighs). So just doing crunches isn’t going to burn many calories and it will be harder to be in ‘deficit’ so to speak. A much better piece of advice would have been. ‘Start doing sprints on the court everyday and slowly increase them. Include some RFESS in your programme and some lunges’ Also try to cut down on sugary drinks, cakes and chocolate bars. THAT SIMPLE!


I found a photo of him on-line. Doing what he does best!!

Just that would have got me much better results and he could have said it in a nicer way! That kind of stuff can really knock your confidence as a teen and can really affect you. It did but that’s another story for another day. Hey if I ever run into him again I’ll be sure to point out that he’s a tosser and he’s ‘let himself go’.

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