What to eat when you want something sweet

We’ve all been there. After a meal, with a cup of tea or after a hard workout. We all get sweet cravings now and again and as a coach people ask me ALL THE TIME. ‘What should I eat if I crave a sweet?’


Homer time!

Some trainers will say ‘ have an apple and a tsp of almond butter’ and I know others who will say ‘just eat a biscuit, enjoy it and then carry on’. Speaking for myself but neither of these really work for me. Eating one biscuit is not enough for me and it usually winds up being 1×10! The apple and nut butter works better for me (and most folks IMO) and is more satisfying however let’s kick the ballistics, it doesn’t really hit the sweet spot.

So what do I do?

I like to use sweeteners! Before you come at me with all the health ‘threats’ of sweeteners (I used to be one of you!). The truth is there isn’t any strong evidence that they are so bad for you and as long as you use them in moderation I don’t see any problem with them. Some say they FOOL your brain and then you crave more food later on in the day. I’ve NEVER noticed this and I’m very in tune with my body and eating so I would notice this. I would actually say they help you with fat loss and therefore being ‘healthier’ because they do really help when you are in a calorie deficit and trying to shed fat.


He doesn’t like sweeteners as they are ‘dangerous’


So what are my ‘go to’ things when I fancy something sweet? Sugar free jelly (UK English!) is nice and doesn’t affect your macronutrient intake. I also like protein powder mixed with a tblsp of nut butter as it’s really tasty and hits the spot. Quark mixed with protein powder is another I like which is like a chocolate mousse. I like to use Truvia as stevia is really expensive. I enjoy diet drinks and in moderation I don’t see them being a problem.


This is jelly to us Brits and the other is jam!

So to round it off then if you do some searching there are so many recipes out there using sweeteners so give them a go. Obviously now and again it’s okay to have the real thing with full on sugar and butter etc and there’s nothing wrong with this but most of the time I like to do it like this using sweeteners. Below is a meta-analysis showing that they aren’t so bad. Take that HATERS!



2 thoughts on “What to eat when you want something sweet

  1. Interesting post! I assume when you say sweetners you are not referring to things like aspatame? I can’t imagine having an apple and nut butter as a way to curb a sweet craving but I might have to give that a go! Thanks.

  2. Thanks! I prefer truvia but aspartame is okay too in moderation. The apple gives you a sweet hit, it’s got fibre in it and the nut butter keeps the blood sugar stable. Just go easy on the butter though as it is high in calories!!

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