On line coaching

On line coaching gives you a great opportunity to have a coach but at a much more affordable price. A lot of people (including myself!) need someone to rely on to pull them through the tough periods that life brings and someone to ‘check in’ with each week. I will write you a bespoke training and nutrition program based on your goals. This is not a cookie cutter plan, my aim is to educate you in nutrition so that you eat the things you enjoy but still see great results. You won’t have to eliminate foods unless you are truly intolorent to them! I’ve seen it so often over the years of working in gyms where people do the same workout every week and then eventually get bored or just plateau or people who start these ‘extreme’ diets but they can’t sustain them for longer than 2 weeks without having a massive binge. THIS is where having a good coach is worth every penny. I love the fact that I can help someone who lives the other side of the planet or UK get in really good shape, be healthy and improve their personal performance at the same time. Get in touch if you have any queries.


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